March 17, 2022

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July 01, 2015

Protecting Your Hair from the Summer Heat

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Check out my latest article on the - Info 101: How Can I Protect My Hair in the Summer? It's a re-vamp/throwback of an older post, but of course still relevant for the summer - especially with upcoming July 4th outdoor celebrations this weekend :)

Here is a sneak peek...

Just as you shop for sunscreen products in the summer months, you also need to think about protecting your hair as well.
The sun’s ultraviolet rays not only cause severe skin damage, but can also damage your hair from the cuticle to the cortex – from the outside in.
Sun, salt, sand and chlorine are all harsh on your hair. The best way to protect your hair from these elements is to cover it.
When you are going to be outside in the sun for long periods of time i.e. a trip to the beach, outside concert or fair, use a silk/satin scarf, silk/satin lined cap or hat, or even an umbrella to protect your hair.
Another step you can take to protect your hair from summer elements is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Sun, salt, sand and chlorine all rob your hair of moisture, which is an integral part of maintaining healthy hair....
Click Here to read more and to see the DIY Honey Hair Tea Rinse step-by-step video :)
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